Alistair Delves revels in the shapes and forms of life and nature, creating intense dialogues of colour to express his own distinctive vision, true to himself, and true to the subjects that have inspired him.

Increasingly my painting is about finding the essence of a subject whether it is the figure, landscape and more recently Abstraction.

With abstraction it has now become a matter of connecting at a deep, primordial level beyond the mists of time, language and history; though gesture, mark making and colour to excite the raw emotions and resonate with the viewer at a deeper and at times inexplicable level.

Once that connection has been made then it is over to the viewer to input his or her personal interpretation onto the image.

At that point the job of the painting has been done and the connection made.

Alistair Delves 2018

He has exhibited at the Royal Academy summer exhibition and held one man shows at galleries in Farnham, Regents Park, Fulham, Hampstead, Mornington Crescent, Albemarle Street, Stockwell and been hung in the Morley Made2011 and 2018 exhibitions.

Living in South London with his family, he sketches and paints whenever he can, whilst also pursuing his career as a management consultant and business mentor.