How we use cookies

This website uses cookies and logging. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent for cookies and data logging to be used.

We use cookies for a number of services:

1st party cookies

  • A session cookie to store login credentials for accessing secure areas of the site
  • A session cookie to remember that the cookie alert has been shown
  • An ‘event’ cookie to anonymously track the popularity of pages and content on the site. The cookie has a ‘life’ of 365 days and no identifying data (such as IP address) is stored.

3rd party cookies and analytics

We use 3rd party analytics for quality and performance monitoring the policy can be found here.

Data collection and logging

In order to monitor the website for security, performance and quality we keep logs of all requests made to the site. These logs include but are not limited to WWW logs, event logs and security audit logs. These logs will contain identifying information such as IP addresses, user IDs and time stamps. They are not shared with 3rd parties unless compelled by Statue or Court Order. Logs will be retained for no longer that 365 days.

User Accounts and Logins

Please note that if a user login account is created, we will retain details such as email address for account management purposes. Sensitive data such as password are ‘hashed’ and stored in a one way encrypted from. An activation process is required to verify that an email address is legitimate and active. If the activation process is not completed accounts will be deleted without notice after 1 calendar month. Accounts that have not been used for 365 days will be deleted without notice.